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The Power Of The Trail

Simon was 17 when he was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative sight disorder. Battling against people’s preconceptions of his now limited capabilities, he needed something to give him a focus. That something was ultrarunning. Read Simon's story.

We all have our own trail and challenges to run and overcome in life. Get out there and conquer yours.

Simon Wheatcroft



Skyrunner series 2020 - now virtual!

You can now join the thousands of people around the world taking part in the VIRTUAL Series. Register, create your own race at home and share your experience.

Or, watch the live and interactive broadcast of each race to see your favourite skyrunners. Don't miss a race! Follow @merrelleu on instagram.

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Trail running just got faster

Built in the Merrell Test Lab with feedback from elite athletes, the MTL SKYFIRE was made for fast rugged runs.

GO FAST: MTL Skyfire

This stripped down, race-ready shoe is engineered with tear-resistant fabrics, a responsive foam midsole, and aggressive mountain-grade Quantum Grip® rubber lugs.

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Bestselling in Trail Running

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Runner Profiles

Ragna Debats

Ragna has achieved the highest stage that a trail runner can achieve, in 2018 she became World Champion in the overall category of Skyrunning and Trail Running. She has made her passion for nature a way of living. Now, along with her family, she has embarked on the Rolling Mountains challenge, a project to visit the 7 continents and compete in a trail competitions at the highest level.

Learn why trail running is good for you

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How To Shop For A

Trail Running Shoe

A dependable pair of trail running shoes can provide you with a deeper, better connection to the trails. Not only does this allow you to uptick the miles confidently, but it ensures you stay safe and remain agile over varied terrain. To figure out what type of shoe you need, keep these guidelines in mind as you shop:

The Shoes Need to Fit Your Feet Well

Keep recommendations in perspective—they might not be right for you. Because fit is so important, we have a 30-day return policy on all our shoes.

Terrain-Specific Shoes Equal Better Runs

Different trail running shoes cater to different terrains. The ones you choose need to mirror the trail and support you simultaneously.

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A Trail Runner’s Dictionary

The world of trail running has its own language. This can be both helpful and confusing to newcomers, so we created a short guide to help you understand the lingo.

Read our technology glossary here ›