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Gorges de l'Ardèche

By Sarah Pignaud

Ardèche, FranceCountry Flag

Sarah is passionate about hiking and nature. She has been sharing her outdoor adventures for 2 years on social media.


It is a loop hike, and the start is in the centre of the small village of Labastide de Virac, in Ardèche. It’s 12 kms, and there’s 500 meters of positive. The hike starts in the forest, to go down to the bottom of the river, and along it all along. There are plenty of small beaches to swim on, and there are some technical passages with ladders and handrails.

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5 hours with no breaks

Technical includes, declines and some ladders

Lots of water, swimsuit and a picnic

Hiking Key

The Look

Waterproof, and they have great grip for technical trails like this one


This is a very comfortable sweater that keeps you warm!

MHC Sweater

Field Notes:

I love this hike, because you can refresh yourself throughout the effort, and every kilometre the scenery is different. The water is very clear, and the gorges are surrounded by huge cliffs. I love going this season because there are very few people, and it’s very exotic.

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Good To Know

There are no bathrooms, and there are no water fountains. Make sure to bring enough water.

"All the sensations of walking go through the feet - shoes make all the difference to your experience."

When To Visit

It’s better to go in the spring and fall, because summer is very hot, so you have to leave very early in the morning. It's also important to go in dry weather, as when it rains the rock passages are very slippery.


Why do you love hiking?

It is a sport that also allows me to recharge my batteries, while enjoying beautiful views.

Why did you start to share your adventures on social media?

I started by sharing my adventures for my friends, then I quickly saw that the content where I explained my hikes and adventures was useful, and my community grew from day to day. And today thanks to this, I can live from my passion and share even more stories to inspire people to travel and discover France.

How has your relationship with the outdoors changed over the years? When you were a child, teen, adult?

When I was a kid and a teenager, I hated hiking. My parents took me to the mountains in the summer, and I didn’t like it. It’s only when I turned 19 that I started to love it. I have been hiking and trekking for 3 years now.

Why is it important to wear the right shoes?

Because all the sensations of walking go through the feet. You have to be able to have a good grip to not slip, you have to have comfortable shoes adapted to your size. Shoes make all the difference to your hiking experience.

Place in the world you’d like to travel to most to hike next?

I dream of going to Patagonia, to hike in very high altitude, to push my limits and discover landscapes that I do not have in France, like active volcanoes.

Hiking Tips:

  • Be safe and plan your route ahead
  • Be weather wise, check the forecast
  • Take the correct clothing and provisions
  • Check if dogs/ camping/ BBQs etc are allowed
  • Take your litter with you
  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Have fun!