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The Mamellones

By Irene Algar

Murcia, SpainCountry Flag

Irene is a yoga teacher, mountaineer and nature lover based in Murcia, Spain. She has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and she runs her own Yoga studio. Also, she leads and teaches workshops and Yoga Retreats for runners and athletes.


The Mamellones route is beautiful and unique due to the curious shapes of the boulders and mountains that you are going to find.
They are located to the southeast of Murcia and you have to drive to El Garruchal and from there, turn off when you find the dirt track that will take you to the beginning of the route. Los Mamellones are a total of five mounds whose maximum altitude will be found in the fifth, the Pico del Águila at 449m above sea level.
This circular route begins and ends on the Los González path, below the first of the five Mamellones that you are going to climb.

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2-3 Hours

It is a moderate level route because it is not well marked

It is essential to wear comfortable shoes, a windbreaker and a GPS

Hiking Key

The Look

I love these for their great grip and lightness. Perfect for walking or running.

Merrell MTL Long Sky 2

Very warm, soft and perfect for trails or day-to-day.

MHC Sweater

It is beautiful, as well as very light, flexible and easy to carry everywhere. It does not occupy anything and folds perfectly. Also, it's machine washable!

Yoga Mat

Field Notes:

The first time I did this route I was fascinated with the original shapes that erosion had left in these sandstones. I had never seen anything like it! Many years ago these mountains were under the sea, so you will find fossil remains and unique shapes in almost all the areas that you pass through, as well as numerous stones held in improbable and very beautiful positions to admire and photograph.
The landscape from the high areas of each one of these mamellones is impressive, being able to contemplate the city of Murcia, the inland valleys and even the beach if the day is clear.
If you want to practice some Yoga, there are at least three super interesting points along the entire route. There are some very large stones with the best views you can find where you can put your mat, start breathing and moving your body. Also. there are also plenty of places where you can sit comfortably and meditate for as long as you need surrounded by silence and stillness.

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Good To Know

It is very easy to park at the starting point of the route, since in addition to not being very busy, the area is very wide and there are several places where you can leave the car. It is an area quite isolated from any urban center, so there are no shops or toilets nearby and you should come with enough food and water.The first climb is quite powerful and steep but well worth the effort!Once you reach the top of the first Mamellon, the rest of the route runs almost entirely on flat terrain or with very short and enjoyable ups and downs.You're going to love it!

"The mountain always has many things to teach us."

When To Visit

This route, like all those in the Region of Murcia, is perfect to visit almost all year round. Avoid the hottest months (June, July, August) since in most of the route we will not find any shade, and I don't recommend it on a rainy day either, as some sections can be quite difficult with rain and mud.


Why do you love hiking?

Nothing excites me more than being in contact with nature. When I walk in the mountains or climb a peak, I deeply relax and turn each walk into a unique experience. I consider it a kind of meditation in motion. In addition, the mountain always has many things to teach us, it makes us improve ourselves, it tests us, it overwhelms us with its beauty and recharges us with energy. I can't imagine my life without going to the mountains.

What are the ways you use your Merrell x Yogibare Packable Travel Yoga Mat?

This travel mat is wonderful because it takes up very little space in the backpack, folds up easily and weighs nothing. I like to take it with me because anywhere on the route I can extend it to do some stretching, a Yoga session or to sit on it to enjoy the scenery and eat something.

What do you love about doing yoga in nature?

Being able to practice yoga outdoors, looking at the sky and listening only to the sounds of nature helps me to better focus on my practice, relax and enjoy myself.
I think that when you do yoga in the open air you recharge your energy even more, you feel more connected with all living beings, you admire the beauty of small and big things, you allow yourself to breathe more and better and you multiply, even more if possible, the benefits that a Yoga session can bring you.

Hiking Tips:

  • Be safe and plan your route ahead
  • Be weather wise, check the forecast
  • Take the correct clothing and provisions
  • Check if dogs/ camping/ BBQs etc are allowed
  • Take your litter with you
  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Have fun!