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Introducing the Merrell collective; outdoor enthusiasts who create beautiful imagery whilst testing the latest Merrell products. The collective share a passion for the outdoors. Don’t forget to follow them on social media and let their stories inspire you.

Ragna Debats

Ragna achieved the highest stage that a trail runner could achieve. In 2018 she became World Champion on the Overall category of Skyrunning and Trail Running World Champion. She made her passion for nature a way of living. Now, she and her family are immersed in "Rolling Mountains", a family project to visit the 7 continents and compete in a trail competition at the highest level in each one.

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Pere Aurell

World Champion of Skyrunning Extra Category 2018 Pere became a key referring within the trail running world, living his life with a passion for the outdoors. Now, he and his family are immersed in "Rolling Mountains", a family project to visit the 7 continents and compete in a trail competition at the highest level in each one.

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Albert Villarroya

Coming from the small village Sant Cugat, located next to Barcelona. Albert is now training for the “Walking World Tour”. The idea is to unchain all the big ranges of the world, but his ultra-goal is to travel around and make real connections with local people and their surroundings. “It’s not about walking to the moon, it’s not about changing everything. It’s about taking that first step and keeping it up.” That is how Albert describes The Power of Change.

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Tristan Cameron Harper

Retired Pro Ice Hockey Player. Director & Content Creator at North ( Climber and Aspiring Mountaineer.

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Ray Roper

A landscape and adventure photographer born and raised in South Wales, Ray is never far from some of the best scenery the UK has to offer, giving him the chance to indulge his passion of exploring and sharing his adventures with all

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Russell Davies

A landscape photographer from near the Scottish highlands. My passion is exploring the wilds of my beautiful country and capturing atmospheric images which inspire people to get outside.

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David Leasley

My love of the outdoors comes from when I was in the British Army on Exercises around the Yorkshire Dales, The Peak District and the Brecon Beacons. My favourite view in the UK has got to be from the Peak of Snowdon.

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Lucy Fitness

Lucy loves being outside and is passionate about sharing her adventures to show that there's so much you can do between 5 and 9 and at the weekends, without giving up the day job. Lucy is a lawyer and also an adventure athlete. She is a healthy living advocate but in a way which breaks the norm and encourages others to get outdoors and swap the treadmill and dumbbells for nature's gym.

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Lee Evans

A Snowdonia based passionate landscape photographer. Love the outdoors no matter what the weather and to adventure places that I’ve never been or seen before.

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Liam Elevate

A health and fitness coach with a passion for endurance sports and the great outdoors. When not in the mountains he can be found coaching endurance athletes in the 5k to ultra marathons. Liam holds a degree in Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Science. He competed nationally in orienteering and university cross country.

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Fiona Quinn

Fiona is an adventurer and entrepreneur who loves to get outside and push her limits on expeditions big and small, meeting new people and discovering tasty cake stops en route.

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Hannah-Jay Cooke

"The great outdoors, adventure and my dog are three of my favourite things. I like to combine all three of them as much as I can! Exploring the Lake District most weeks taking photos of what I see along the way, I believe that making the most of your home country is super important. I also have so much fun on the green lanes and offroading in my old Jeep"

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Matt Hardy

Matt is a landscape and commercial photographer from the picturesque county of Dorset on the south coast of England. He has been in love with photography from the moment he bought his first camera back in 2012. The camera he bought was a basic DSLR but it was enough to instantly hook him on the art of shooting photographs.

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Ian Smith

I am a former tennis coach and now landscape and nature photographer based in Sweden. Since discovering the art of photography, the way I see the world has changed and I strive to present my vision in a colourful and optimistic way. Fatherhood has taught me love and photography, patience!

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Chiara Lewis

Hi I’m Chiara. I’m a personal trainer based in London and an advocate for positive body image and love working outdoors. I’m a big fan of body weight, callisthenics and plyometric as well as getting in nature whenever I can. Thanks to my job I’ve been travelling all over the world and seen amazing places.

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Jenny Hopkins

My love for the outdoors has come from when I lived in Canada among the mountains. I make any excuse to be outside & to explore this beautiful world. Sharing my adventures with others to encourage them to get outside, especially when the UK has so much to offer!

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Ceri Norton

A challenge seeker and adventure enthusiast, I love to spend every moment in the outdoors, from trail running, wild swimming, hiking or sleeping out under the stars. With Snowdonia National Park on my doorstep, I'm grateful for the natural beauty where I can escape some of the chaotic aspects of life and throw myself into the great, wild and wonderful outdoors!

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Rona McMillan

Can be found mostly in the remote regions of Scotland, spending time soaking up the joys of nature and outdoor pursuits. My Instagram is a documentation of hobbies, from trail running, wild swimming, skiing and mountaineering. Not a photographer, but I like capturing moments as I go.

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Adam Stanaway

All my passions (photography, climbing, skateboarding and hiking) involve me being outdoors which I'm very grateful for! There is nothing I love more than pushing my mind and body to the limits through whatever means possible. The outdoors is where I feel most creative too and get ideas for future challenges!

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Nahla Summers

A social entrepreneur, concerned with influencing positive change. Her work started through her kindness social movement, Sunshine People. She sets herself a challenge each year and asks people not to donate money to a charity as is the norm but instead simply do an act of kindness for a stranger. Cycling 3000 miles across America and walking 500 miles (in a pair of Merrell shoes that she claims looked no different to the day she set off) are a couple of her challenges.

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