3 people running on a scree slope by a lake

Run Connected

Running is better outside. And running outside is better when
you feel connected. To the Trail, and to yourself.

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MTL Cirrus //

A sky runner built for speed

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Peruvian runner Max Delgado and his two best friends
have established a community of mountain runners
who tackle multi-day hikes in a matter of hours
through Peru's Cordillera Blanca mountain range.

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Trail Glove 5 //

A trainer made for connection

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Athlete Brenda Oviedo finds maximum
connection as she trains with the Trail
Glove 5 along the picturesque shores of
Lima, Peru.

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Trail Glove 5

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we'll make it right with our 30-day guarantee.

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Every day is an opportunity to reach new personal heights. Because you
know that life’s greatest rewards come only through effort. The trail is out there.

Be ready for it.

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Ultimately, trail running isn’t about the distance or
pace; it’s about the experience and being outside.