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  • “The trail doesn’t care about your speed or your mileage. It
    doesn’t care about your body type, race, gender, or how ‘good’
    you look. The trail isn’t as narrow as our own thoughts. It’s
    wide open and it welcomes us. All of us.”

    – Jenny Bruso, founder of @UnlikelyHikers, inspires
    others to find their place on the trail. Hear the
    story in her own words.

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  • The Challenge

    In his third attempt, Merrell Ambassador Simon Donato travels to Oman’s rugged and mostly unexplored Musandam Peninsula. His goal - to identify and geotag undocumented archeology sites with his Adventure Science team.

    Simon’s Story
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Hiking Favorites

Moab FST 2 shoe in grey and orange by Merrell.

Moab FST 2

Moab FST 2

Experience out-of-the-box comfort in this best-selling hiker.

MQM Flex Merrell shoe in orange and light teal.

MQM Flex

MQM Flex

Everything you need to move quickly in the mountains. Nothing you don't.

Chameleon 7 shoe in grey and light blue by Merrell.

Chameleon 7

Chameleon 7

Our ultra-lightweight hiker built for heavy packing.

Ontario shoe by Merrell in grey and black.



Clean and nostalgic, this hiker features rich full grain leathers and a sticky Vibram® Megagrip® for confidence on any adventure.

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What’s In My Pack

Day Hike
Agility Synthesis Flex

For short day hikes, I love to wear these trail runners. They have good grip and I love the way they cushion my feet. Plus, if I decide to run back down the trail, I am ready!

A line drawing of a simple wide-mouthed water bottle.
32oz Water Bottle

Apparently I drink more water than the average person.

Line drawing of a half-unwrapped energy bar.
Energy Bar

Easy meal replacement on the trail.

Line drawing of a portable headlamp.

I’ve been known to get lost a time or two on a trail so this is just in case!

Line drawing of a small wipe package.
Poison Ivy Cleansing Wipes

I am deathly allergic to poison ivy so I never leave home without these.

Overnight Backpacking
Men’s MQM Flex

The MQM Flex, to me, feels like the perfect combination of a light hiker with a trail runner, which is definitely my go-to hiking shoe now.

Line drawing of a mid-size hiking backpack.
Ultralight Backpacking Pack

I can fit what I need inside, but it's light enough for me to stay on my feet for longer hikes.

Men’s Ultra Light Running Tab Sock

These are my favorite socks to wear while hitting the trail.

Line drawing of a simple tent with a rain fly.

My go to shelter for adventures ever since my cross country bike tour in 2013.

Men’s Torrent Multi-Sport Short

I love the free-flowing feel of these shorts when I'm out hiking and the zip pocket helps ensure that whatever I need on me won't fall out.

Line drawing of a hammock with a small pocket hanging off one side.

I always carry a hammock with me as they're great for morning coffee, afternoon naps, and evening relaxation.

Fallon Jacket 3.0

Down in Tennessee I'm always prepared for a torrential downpour so I like carrying the Fallon Jacket in my pack just in case. It also doubles as an extra layer around the campfire at night if it gets chilly or if the bugs are particularly annoying.

Line drawing of a portable headlamp.

For all those nighttime tasks.

Torrent Short Sleeve Tech Tee

The lightweight, moisture wicking properties of this shirt are crucial when I'm romping around in the woods.

Line drawing of a small outdoor sleeping pad.
Sleeping Pad

Easy to pack down small and inflate for a comfortable sleep.

Line drawing of a two walking poles with wrist straps.
Trekking Poles

Keeps my arms active as I hike and provides for extra stability in awkward terrain. These combined with the M-Select Grip on my MQM Flex shoes means I'm sure to stay upright.

Line drawing of a rectangular zippered pouch with a first-aid cross on it.
Medical Kit

I'm a Wilderness First Responder so I always have a medkit in the backcountry. I always carry one in case of personal injury or finding the unfortunate injured soul around the proverbial bend in the trail.

A line drawing of a simple wide-mouthed water bottle.
48oz Water Bottle

Gulping is my main method of drinking water, therefore the bigger the water bottle the better!

Day Hike
MQM Flex

My favorite hiking shoe - lightweight and protective.

Line drawing of a slim pack containing a water bladder next to a wide-mouthed water bottle.
Hydration Pack + 32oz Water Bottle

I always keep the pack filled with water and ice and the water bottle with Gatorade. Gotta stay hydrated!

Women's Lithe Glove Mini Socks

They're really durable and have a lot of cushioning. I keep an extra pair in my backpack.

Line drawing of an aerosol can.

As much as I love having a tan, I certainly don’t want to burn and ruin my other hiking days.

Transcend Adventure Jacket

Lightweight and versatile. Good for protection from the sun, wind and rain without getting too hot.

Line drawing of a half-unwrapped energy bar.
Traditional Food Items

I always pack energy bars and trail mix, but I also carry fruit snacks and gummy bears for that extra burst of sugar energy.

Line drawing of a deck of neatly stacked cards.
Deck of Cards

You never know when you might want to play a game while taking a break.

Line drawing of a rectangular first-aid kit and a small clear bottle.
Hand Sanitizer and First Aid Kit

Safety first!

Hydro Hike
Tetrex Crest Wrap

The M Select™ WET GRIP sipped lugs gives you traction in and out of water, and these are extremely comfortable.

Line drawing of a mid-size hiking backpack.

I carry a pack that's enough to be a daypack, but that expands to stow a few additional items when needed.

Stapleton II Short

These lightweight shorts stretch and let you easily hop from one river rock to the next, while the zippered rear pockets ensure all your cargo stays on board. They're also treated to repel water and are quick drying in the event you do take a dip.

A line drawing of a simple wide-mouthed water bottle.
48oz Water Bottle

This size is great for hydrating people (or dogs) and can be used to rinse fruit or sticky hands.

Adventure/Travel Short Sleeve Woven Shirt

Here in Georgia, humidity means that your shirt choice can make or break your adventures. The hidden vents and UV protection in this shirt keep you cool all day, while lightweight moisture wicking fabric keeps you dry.

Merrell Hudson 2.0

For shorter outings I never leave home without this fanny pack. It has just enough room for the essentials and makes a serious fashion statement on the trails.

  • Mountainous wilderness landscape in daylight.

    I Am The Trail

  • A close-up on the heel sole of a mid-rise orange and black hiking boot.

    Chameleon 7:
    Behind the Shoe

  • Two climbers scramble on a rock field.

    MQM Flex:
    Behind the Shoe

  • A side view of a low-rise gray and black hiking shoe.

    Moab 2:
    Behind the Shoe

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