green vegan textured background.
There’s more than one way to make a shoe.
Vegan friendly uses 0% animal products while
providing 100% comfort and style.


Men's Vegan Friendly Footwear

Vegan Shoes for Men to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We know stewardship of our planet is important to you – it’s important to us too! We want to keep the wilds as wild as possible while still creating incredible products for you to explore them in. That’s why we’ve created vegan-friendly men’s shoes for running, hiking and everyday adventures. Our men’s vegan shoes are made without any animal products while still giving you the comfort, design and performance you’ve come to expect from Merrell. With breathable fabrics, Vibram soles, minimalist designs and shoes for hiking, watery adventures or a trip to the pub, our selection of vegan shoes for men has something for every activity. Shop our collection today for shoes that make you look good and feel good.