Lightweight Hiking
The next generation of hiking, these versatile,
lightweight, minimalist trailblazers are ready
for adventure.

Women's Lightweight Hiking

Men's Lightweight Hiking

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Lightweight Hiking Boots

Lightweight hiking boots by Merrell are engineered with quality materials like ventilated mesh liners and low bulk insulation that will keep your feet free to walk, run, hike, bike or climb for as long as you want to keep going. Our featured lightweight hiking shoes are fit for a range of seasons, activities and environments, from walking comfortably through creeks and riverbeds to tackling tough mountain terrain to braving the worst winter-weather conditions. Fight off foot fatigue with a pair of light hiking shoes that provide all the other features you need and want, too. Whether you prefer highly-supportive mid-ankle designs or lower, ultralight hiking boots, all of our light hikers come with the quality and comfort Merrell is known for while being packaged in a feather-weight frame. First, figure out how you'll be using your lightweight hiking shoes, then find the perfect pair to match the elements you'll encounter. Wet conditions call for waterproofing, and we offer a range of lightweight hiking boots made to keep moisture at bay. You can even find ventilated light hikers that are designed to move through water and offer quick drying technology and waterproof materials. Our ultralight backpacking shoes will be your feet's best friend on long treks with heavy packs. Browse our lightest hiking boots and find a style you love today.