Brooke Baron on the trail in Merrell gear.

Brooke Froelich

  • Five Hiking Essentials:

    First Aid Kit, Garmin inReach, Fire Starter, Headlamp, Sun Protection, A can of wine for the summit

  • Indulgent Backpacking Item:

    My camera!

  • Favorite Trail Snack:

    Cheese, Crackers, Pistachios, Berries, Chocolate, Gummy Bears

  • Favorite Hike Podcast/Playlist/Artist:

    Audio Books! Taylor Jenkins Reid, Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah

  • Favorite Hiking Club & Communities:

    Wildkind Hike

  • Favorite Hikes:

    Chief Mountain Trail - Arapaho National Forest
    Brooke walking on a sand dune.
  • Why do you get outside?

    When I'm outside I feel like the best version of myself; the truest version of myself. I feel at home in my skin.

  • What does 'outdoorsy' mean to you?

    Loving to be outside! Loving to eat outside! Loving to read outside! Loving to toss off your shoes and put your foot in a stream! Loving to wander and explore! Loving to spend your time just BEING OUTDOORS.

  • Brooke sitting in a field.
  • How did you start backpacking? What was the most intimidating thing about it?

    I started backpacking shortly after college. I felt SO INTIMIDATED. The most intimidating parts were being worried about having enough snacks…. and going number two outside haha.

  • Tell us about your favorite hiking experience to date.

    Last summer I hiked from Aspen to Crested Butte, back to Aspen with 12 other mama friends (a WildKind event). I was nervous before the hike. I was still struggling with lasting COVID symptoms, and was carrying my baby (who was still breastfeeding), so I was REALLY worried about being slow and struggling.

    As soon as we started hiking and got off the grid, I was swallowed up by the beauty of the trail in the most amazing way. Instead of "dreading" the challenge, I remembered what a privilege it is that I had NOTHING ELSE TO DO BUT HIKE FOR TWO DAYS. What a treat!

  • Brooke sitting in an alpine field.
  • What advice do you have for women who are just getting into outdoor adventures?

    Instead of aiming for a big mileage day, start by choosing a GORGEOUS trail in a cool area! Go to that waterfall in that state park that you saw somebody tag on instagram! Plan to stop at a bookshop in a nearby mountain town after the hike!

  • Fears + the outdoors: what was your biggest fear and how did you get over it?

    One of my bigger fears on the trail is wildlife or other people who might cause harm in an isolated area. I always hike with my Garmin inReach (hyperlink), a good knife in my hip belt, and usually bear spray. And truthfully - I often hike with friends if I'm going to a remote trail! I love hiking with friends and I feel so much safer.

  • How do you prepare for a hike?

    The night before a hike I usually load my pack with snacks, refill my hydration bladder, and restock my little first aid kit. I make sure I've downloaded my map on my phone. I tend to avoid alcohol the night before a hike, and plan some extra time to have a decent breakfast in the morning. I like to start off feeling hydrated, fueled, and fresh.

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