Female smiling, looking off to the side, with the sun setting in the background.

Meet The Merrell Ambassador Team.

Regardless of whether they hike or run or where they live, our ambassadors are united in their love of the outdoors and in championing others to get outside, too. They inspire us, help inform our product, and share their experiences and expertise.

Follow their adventures – from firsts to favorite places.

Latasha Dunston sitting in a desert setting.

Latasha Dunston

Latasha is an illustrator, painter, and plant lover. When she's not in her studio, she's cooking, tending to her plants, hiking and camping, or traveling to somewhere new! Her love of the outdoors is a vital part of her identity and she tries to share that passion with as many as she can to help show that the outdoors are for everyone.

Meet Latasha
Will Robinson is crouching on top of a boulder on a mountain top.


I'm Will Akuna Robinson. I attempted to thru-hike the Pacific Crest trail in 2016 to help with PTSD from my military service and fell hard for hiking, nature, and the community that surrounds the trails. I enjoyed it so much I went right back out and completed the PCT in 2017, the Appalachian trail in 2018 and currently on the Continental Divide trail to complete the triple crown of hiking. I look forward to adding new members to my trail family, enjoying all the awesome that is nature, and inspiring the uninspired.

Meet Will
Dan Kosick exploring on a sunny day in the woods.


After losing his right leg above the knee due to childhood cancer, Dan could have easily crossed sports off of his list. Instead, he went after them with a passion few could match. Dan has competed at the Nagano and Salt Lake City Winter Games as a member of the U.S. Adaptive Alpine Ski Team and at age 40, became the first above-the-knee amputee to complete 50 miles in less than 24 hours at the World’s Toughest Mudder.

Meet Dan
Kenya and Michele Jackson-Saulters with glowing smiles sitting on stone steps.


Kenya and Michelle founded The Outdoor Journal Tour in 2015, a hybrid health organization that combines the healing tenets of outdoor activity with introspective journaling and mindful meditation. Their approach hinges on the concept of mindful movement which includes not only outdoor activity, but also mindfulness exercises, meditation and guided journaling.

Meet Kenya & Michelle
Karen Ramos smiling blissfully in the solitude of the outdoors.

Karen Ramos

The outdoors and trails have provided me opportunities that I could only dream of. They are my main classroom, teacher, and ultimately my main catalysts for change. I fight so hard for the outdoors because I realize how much of a privilege it is to be able to hit the trails.

Meet Karen
Ambreen Tariq smiling while standing atop of the canyon walls of the west.

Ambreen Tariq

There are so many people who are shouting to be included and made to feel welcome in the outdoors. As the founder of @brownpeoplecamping, Ambreen plans to change that one story at a time.

Meet Ambreen
Jason Antin sits happily in front of the local crag.

Jason Antin

From helping run Gociety, the social network for human-powered adventure, to training and guiding clients in the mountains, Jason cultivates and contributes to an enthusiastic outdoor community.

Meet Jason
Mirna Valerio smiling in front of a peaceful alpine lake.

Mirna Valerio

Mirna is a Spanish teacher, diversity practitioner, cross-country coach, marathoner, ultrarunner and blogger—writing about all things running, and living life to its fullest while being a larger gal on her blog, Fatgirlrunning.

Meet Mirna
Brooke Froelich bravely holding her infant just feet away from the edge of a 200 foot canyon wall.

Brooke Froelich

Climber, mountain biker, skiier, trail runner, adventurer, and most importantly, Huck's mama. Brooke and her son Huck spend their days in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City sharing the wonders of the natural world.

Meet Brooke
Savanah Coble smiles next to a brick wall while patiently awaiting to set off on her next trek.

Savanah Coble

Born and raised in Oregon, Savanah’s free spirit has lead her to explore the trails of the West Coast and adventure overseas. She just wrapped up an exciting trek around Europe, traversing ten countries and fifteen National Parks.

Meet Savanah
Mike Chambers contemplates his next big adventure while standing in a field.

Mike Chambers

Professional mountaineer and endurance athlete leading high-altitude expeditions and bringing high-quality education to children in Haiti through Summits Education.

Meet Mike
Nicole Brown is smiling while the dessert sun sets behind her.

Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown is an avid hiker, traveler, writer and advocate for public lands. She is originally from Oregon, and now resides in Southern California. She is the founder of the worldwide organization, @WomenWhoHike. Nicole uses the trail as a means of empowerment and healing amidst having been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune illnesses, including lupus. Nicole realized the healing power of nature through her hiking and backpacking adventures. Today she is fighting to be in remission all the while summiting mountains and also sharing the stories of other empowered women through the @WomenWhoHike social channels and organizing group hikes all over the world for other women who hike. Follow her journey at @im_nicolemarie via Instagram, and check out @WomenWhoHike to become a member and join a local women who hike Facebook group near you via www.womenwhohike.com.

Meet Nicole
Jenny Bruso at Machu Picchu.

Jenny Bruso

Based in Portland, Jenny always considered herself an indoor kid. Then one day she tried hiking, and things just clicked.

Meet Jenny
Morgan Brechler smiling at her young daughter on her back as her young daughter smiles back excited for their next hike.

Morgan Brechler

Morgan and her rambling family sold all of their belongings, quit their 9-5 jobs, bought a Scamp Travel Trailer and hit the open road in search of adventure.

Meet Morgan
Anna Frost excitedly smiling in anticiaption to her trail run.

Anna Frost

As a professional mountain, trail and ultra runner and yogi, Anna has a passion for adventure and getting closer to nature to find herself.

Meet Anna
Christopher Harrington prepping for an ultra-run racing event.

Christopher Harrington

A real estate attorney by day, Chris loves the freedom of the open trail and founded an ultra-running group to celebrate it and help people transition from running from roads to trails, and from traditional distances to ultras.

Meet Christopher
Kristpher Mendoza out on a run on the road and happy doing so come rain or shine.

Kristopher Mendoza

For endurance runner Kris the connection to the trail is far more than athletic. It’s a chance to restore a bond with nature that gets stripped away by modern-day life.

Meet Kristopher
Nick Zupancich standing in a grove of fall aspens.

Nick Zupancich

A self-taught adventure photographer, Nick believes there’s a power in guiding people to our wild lands and natural wonders.

Meet Nick