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The ladies are going ‘out out’ in the latest series from Merrell – one that shines a spotlight on three inspiring women who are harnessing the outdoors to help and inspire others.

The series draws on themes including mental health, creativity, education, community, and loss to showcase the power of the outdoors and the long-lasting positive effects of time spent outside.

Merrell heads out with Dr Jade Adams White, Trina Dawkins and Lauren Cook to uncover their stories and find out how they draw strength, inspiration, and a sense of belonging from being at one with the world around them.

Together, the women are forging a path to increase inclusivity and participation in outdoor activities, inspiring more women and younger generations to engage in outdoor activities and have a deeper respect for nature and the natural environment.

Watch the video here to hear more.

Find more about the ladies:

Dr Jade Adams White



Jade is a mental health practitioner in a British secondary school who uses nature to help young people including setting up a school gardening space.

Jade founded The Jadeite Project in September 2020, a series of guided walks which aim to help people to reconnect with nature to improve well-being and mental health.

Follow Jade on Instagram here.


Trina Dawkins

Trina is a social butterfly for all things running. A member of Out runners, an inclusive running club based in Hackney, London and Black Trail Runners, a campaigning group that seeks to increase the inclusion, participation, and representation of black people in trail running.

Trina has channelled her running to help her cope with grief from the passing of her mother and is a big advocate for the meditative benefits of running.

You can follow Trina on Instagram here.

Lauren Cook


Lauren has many strings to her bow and splits her time between being a stop-motion animator, a Molecular Ecology PhD student and a London National Park City Ranger.

As a motion designer, Lauren finds her creative inspiration in the outdoors and uses her education and knowledge of the environment to create animations that educate, inform, and inspire others on environmental sciences.

You can follow Lauren on Instagram here.

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