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The Outdoors Fix is a podcast to inspire you to make the outdoors a bigger part of your life. It’s hosted by Liv Bolton. Rock climber and NHS nurse Kumbi Kariwo tells Liv how much climbing and the outdoors helped her deal with the pressures of being on the front line during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kumbi Kariwo first came across rock climbing as a child in Zimbabwe. It’s a sport that has been important to her throughout a large part of her life, particularly after she moved to the UK aged 18. But little did she know just how vital it would become during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kumbi-Kariwo-on-rock-at-sunset Credit Kumbi KariwoKumbi is a nurse and rock climbing became her much-needed escape from the huge stresses of working on the front line of the NHS.

Having seen how much rock climbing has given to her, Kumbi is also keen to encourage other people into the sport and to make it more inclusive.

I met up with Kumbi for a lovely walk in Charlecote Park, a National Trust house and deer park in Warwickshire, not far from where she lives.Liv-and-Kumbi-close-up-edited-final

I wanted to find out from her why she loves rock climbing so much, why she’s trying to get so many other people into it and why the outdoors and rock climbing helped her while being a nurse in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To listen to Kumbi’s episode, head to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts, and search for The Outdoors Fix.

You’ll also find pictures of Kumbi and her adventures on @theoutdoorsfix on Instagram or Kumbi’s Instagram account @here_climbs_krumbles

I hope you enjoy the podcast and that it helps motivate you to get outdoors and feel great!

Liv x

Kumbi-Kariwo-in-Snowdonia Credit Kumbi KariwoBio of Kumbi Kariwo

Kumbi Kariwo was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK for university aged 18. She is a nurse for the NHS and a passionate rock climber. Kumbi was deployed to the NHS 111 team during the pandemic to help with call loads. Kumbi lives and works in Birmingham.

Kumbi Kariwo is @here_climbs_krumbles on Instagram

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