People spend copious amounts of money on fast cars to drive at the speed limit. Or drop a paycheck on a hefty hiking jacket just to walk to work in some light rain. And now, here’s a water shoe you wouldn’t get in the water wearing, because this latest polarising pastel Hydro capsule is simply too good to get wet.


Featuring both the Hydro Moc and Hydro Slide, the capsule is a meeting of aggressive design and gentle aesthetics. Created through a single-density injection of EVA foam, with the Hydro Moc sporting an articulated heel and strap for advanced support. The Hydro Slide is a traditional slider template, diverged in its design with H.R Giger-esque holes that define the polarising water shoe. Expect the same quick drying, lightweight attributes in both models, with deep lugs to reduce slippage on wet surfaces. Perfect for the trails that take us in and out of water.


Available in lilac, mint, cream and peach colourways online, this pastel capsule collection is arguably too good to get wet.

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