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Has the outdoors ever helped your mental health? Wondered why? Listen on to find out!

The guest on this next episode of The Outdoors Fix podcast is Dr Lucy Loveday. She’s a GP and medical educationalist, fell runner and wild swimmer who lives on Dartmoor.

Lucy’s life is focused on the benefits of nature for mental wellbeing. And through her work as a doctor, she’s developed evidence-based wellbeing toolkits and a green prescription to show how nature can help mental health. She’s also the founder of Movement and the Mind – a conference exploring the connection between mind, body and planet. 

Lucy Loveday fell running on Dartmoor. Credit Lucy LovedayThe outdoors has played a pivotal role throughout Lucy and her family’s life, most importantly because of her father’s struggles with severe depression.

She’s determined to spread the message about why if you get moving outdoors in nature, the benefits to your mental wellbeing can be profound.

It was absolutely brilliant chatting with Lucy and she had some fantastic tips on ways to get outdoors more to help your mental health!

To listen to her episode, head to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts, and search for The Outdoors Fix.

You’ll also find pictures of Lucy and her outdoors adventures on @theoutdoorsfix on Instagram or Lucy’s Instagram account @drlucyloveday

I hope you enjoy the podcast and that it helps motivate you to get outdoors and feel great!

Liv x

Dr Lucy Loveday is on Instagram @drlucyloveday

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