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What big outdoors adventure would you want to do if you really put your mind to it? For The Outdoors Fix podcast guest Preet Chandi, her dream involves Antarctica.

Preet is an officer and physiotherapist in the British Army. She is also a Nordic skier and endurance runner and she is preparing for the biggest trip of her life in November – a solo expedition to the South Pole! 

Preet Chandi in Greenland 4. Credit Preet ChandiShe’ll be on skis, pulling her kit on a sled for over 6 weeks and travelling 700miles on her own.

While her training for the Antarctica mission recently has included pulling tyres around London parks, it has also taken her to Norway, Iceland and Greenland.

But Preet is not a professional adventurer – she had little polar experience until a couple of years ago and she fits her expeditions around her job in the Army.

Preet Chandi in her Army uniform. Credit Preet Chandi

She’s determined to inspire people to push their boundaries, particularly women from diverse backgrounds, by showing how the outdoors can help achieve big dreams.

‘I absolutely loved my conversation with Preet and she got me seriously thinking about the bigger outdoors adventures that I’d like to do in future. Her resilience and spirit are truly inspiring!’ says Hiker and journalist Liv Bolton – host of The Outdoors Fix podcast.

To listen to her episode, head to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts, and search for The Outdoors Fix.

You’ll also find pictures of Preet and her adventures on @theoutdoorsfix on Instagram or Preet’s Instagram account @polarpreet.

‘I hope you enjoy the podcast and that it helps motivate you to get outdoors and feel great!’ – Liv

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