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I place myself most of the time the same question: why? Over the years I’ve learned that I should not search the answer to that question that I should just keep going through what I started, running is a sport I feel that if you ask yourself why you do it, you maybe don’t run anymore or if you think on how much pain you have after a long run and you think of why, but then is when your brain works and you can get on thinking and remembering those moments of freedom.

Women running

I started running about 2 months ago, I’ve been surfing, cycling, skateboarding, climbing and trying many sports but for the last 10 years cycling has been my passion. Definitely, cycling has its benefits but also some cons and, over the years, I damaged my body from crashing and having the wrong position or working the wrong muscles so it came into a moment I couldn’t even walk for more than 1 hour. I had so much pain in my hips or knees that I could not even sit on the toilet.

Running teaches me what I am searching in life, by running I discover the amazing freedom, the feeling like if you were floating in clouds, the power of you own legs and just your feet stepping faster and faster over paths, trails, roads and life.

When I run is not like when I ride, you don’t have anything more than your legs vibrating, smashing into the ground from the feet to the head you can feel the movement. You start on the cold, and the body warms up, it goes through this transition of moments that end up with a sweaty, tired, and amazing feeling. From there you can’t stop.

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My goals for this 2020 as all have been gone through the window, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t take some time off to think about the upcoming in 2021, from a few Klassmark races here in Spain to maybe trying out some new disciplines. I feel like running is giving me such an open door to a new world ready to discover!

All this combined with cycling and some adventures around the world. 2021 is going to be great, just step outside your backyard there is an adventure waiting for all.

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