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You may have come across Nahla in a previous Blog.  She is the self-professed accidental adventurer.  Every year she takes on a new challenge asking people to show support by doing an act of kindness for a stranger and here she shares how she ended up trying to beat a World Record in an ElliptiGo bike.

By Nahla Summers

The challenge to travel 5000 miles on an ElliptiGO has not been an easy one but not in the way you might imagine. People are mostly impressed that I manage to cycle 50 miles on a device that to most folk looks like something that would cause torture rather than fitness.  Four months, day in, day out, my usual life goes on hold and it has become all about getting through the miles at an average of 10 miles per hour, but then to also film, document it for the World Record, update social media, feed and house and all the other things that need to be done each day might put some people off.


Nahla Summers ElliptiGO bike

The work of Sunshine People and the kindness message is about resilience.  Although I ask people to do an act of kindnesses for strangers to show their support for my challenges, the conversation about kindness is much more than a simple act.  It is a behaviour and foundation of behaviours that have the power to change our society.  I started this to set something up in memory of my partner, I asked friends and family and now I have something that is my life’s work.  The promotion of kindness as a concept has the power to change politics, environment, education, social media and our successful survival as a human race.

A Culture of Kindness

This huge physical and mental challenge has been 18 months in the making, its pivoted and changed many times with Covid limitations among other things. The original plan started in Europe with 20 kindness challenges in 20 countries.  Originally travelling between them in an Electric car, then it was clear that my followers wanted to see me do something physical again, sweat and tears is ultimately where inspiration comes from it would seem.

I have discovered that maybe my resilience in considerably higher than I had previously thought 🙂

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To get to know more about her and this amazing challenge, follow her on FacebookInstagram or check her latest adventure on YouTube.

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