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Summer is here and we have long days ahead. We like to think of ourselves as positive people but mostly, we want to spread positivity. So, if you are in doubt about what to do this year in your summer holidays, Seana Forbes can give you some good reasons to stay around.

Positives of a Staycation

  • Not far to travel so you can go spontaneously on a Friday and be back before work on Monday.

  • There’s something special about finding hidden gems in your home country. Sometimes the most beautiful places are right around the corner.

  • You fall in love with the place you stay even more.

  • You don’t feel pressured to do and see everything because you know that you can easily come back and visit again so that means you can take your time and enjoy the moment for longer.

  • You can take your dog 🐶


Have we tempted you at least a little bit? Great. There are amazing places to visit right around the corner and it is the ideal time of the year to get your gear out and go for a little expedition around your area. Or take a car and travel to these beauties:

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The Scottish Munros in the north-west of Scotland are remote, wild mountains. Sometimes you can hike for 10-20 hours and not see a single person, and this makes it a special experience that you rarely get when hiking in other places around the world.

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On many Munro routes, you can find bothies, which are small empty buildings especially for hikers to take shelter or stay in overnight. They are free to stay in and sometimes there are other people staying there too so you often end up sharing stories and making new friends.

Scottish Munros landscape of mountains and lake

My favourite thing to do is sign the bothy book and read through other people’s stories of the adventures they were on and where they came from.

Scottish view point

Ben Hope is the most northerly mountain in Scotland. You can see the end of the UK from the summit and this makes you feel like you’re on the edge of the world. It’s a short but steep hike to the summit – 4km with 900m vertical climb – so the best thing is going up in the morning and having breakfast at the top whilst enjoying the views and picking your next stop on the tour.

dog in the beach

Sandwood bay and Scotland’s northern beaches are incredible. They are so remote that you’ll rarely find another person on the beach, just a few sheep. The water is so turquoise, and the sand is so white that I sometimes forget I’m in Scotland. The water temperature soon reminds me though.

Fyrish monument

The Fyrish monument above Alness in the northeast of Scotland is my “home hill”. It’s just a small route – 6km with 300m vertical gain – but the view from the top is so beautiful, especially at sunrise and sunset. I love to go up here in the morning, watch the sunrise and then be home in time for breakfast.


Let’s get outside

The time is now, the great outdoor is waiting for us. Make some plans, stay around and enjoy nature responsibility.

Stay safe, stay positive.

PS: Don’t be shy, we would love to hear your plans and about those special gems that you found.

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