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The MQM Franchise stands for ‘Move Quickly on the Mountains’, an ethos not only at the heart of trail running but the driving force behind every aspect of the silhouettes in the range. It’s what makes the brand continually push to create shoes that improve your ability to move quickly and nimbly through the diverse terrain nature throws at you.

In his pursuit to create something that would represent modern Merrell, Design Director Scott Portzline asked the brand’s athlete ambassadors what they needed from a trail shoe to make this happen.

Their answer?  Something more lightweight, flexible and closer aligned to a running shoe. And from that conversation the MQM Flex was born. A franchise combining the best of trail runners and hiking boots to bring athletic performance on to the trail.

Built on a ‘less is more’ ethos, the shoe only features essential components, with every element playing a part in improving performance – so you’re left with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. This consideration can be seen in the wide tongue keeping debris out and the integrated lacing system that provides a secure fit. The air Cushion adds shock absorption and stability in the heel with a protective TPU toe cap that helps reduce your chance of injury.

As part of their ongoing commitment to always place the needs of the wearer into the design of the shoe, Merrell has continually sought community feedback to help directly develop the composition of the model.

The latest and newest iteration is the MQM Flex 2, a key model in the new Merrell 1TRL range. Design changes in the MQM Flex 2 sees improved flexibility in the forefront of the shoe giving the shoe a more athletic trail runner feel, as well as a more aggressive outsole to improve traction underfoot and help you feel your way as you run.


Modern materials and innovative technology continue to be at the heart of the shoe, creating something flyweight and bulletproof that will stand up to the trail time and time again. Engineered with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, a name now synonymous with protection against the elements, gives breathable, lightweight protection that fits and feels like an unprotected shoe.


Available in a number of different colourways, all reflecting the shoe’s strict design principle of necessity. A focused approach driven by 1TRL’s founding ethos.


The MQM Flex 2 is available in all men’s UK sizes 6.5-14 and women’s sizes 3-8.5 and EU sizes 36-50, all full and half sizes. Ready for you to discover online now.


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