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Outdoor expert and Merrell ambassador, Jake Thompsett, puts Merrell’s Chameleon Shift to the test! Find out what he thought when he took them for a spin.

Technical Fit

Most Merrell footwear tends to be slightly wider fitting making them extremely comfortable (especially if you have flipper shaped feet like mine!). The Chameleon Shift feels like it is slightly narrower giving it a closer and glove like fit. A fit such as this works very well on rockier and steeper terrain where precision foot places are very important!

Sturdy but Lightweight

As with all Merrell footwear, the Shift is very lightweight considering the sturdiness of the sole and all round ruggedness of the shoe, which is crucial if you spend a large amount of time in walking shoes. Over the years I’ve found that a very soft shoe seems to make my feet ache after standing around and walking in them for full days or weeks, the same goes for something that is very heavy. The advantages of the new stiffer sole makes the Shift much more suitable for longer treks, or for carrying heavier backpacks over rougher terrain.

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Rugged Sole

Unlike the old rounded style lugs on the previous models of the Chameleon, the Shift has aggressively edged lugs, which has massively increased their security and grip on looser, steeper terrain. I find it extremely frustrating slipping around in the hills and not being able to rely on your footwear. The new sole on the Shift solves this problem with ease.

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The ideal shoe for someone who prefers to wear a shoe rather than a boot, but is taking on rougher terrain or carrying a heavier rucksack. It’s also the perfect ‘everyday’ style outdoor shoe for the outdoor instructors; avid dog walkers and outdoor enthusiasts out there!

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