The iconic Man vs Mountain is the ultimate test of your fitness and endurance. This lung-busting, muscle-burning event will push you to your limits as you run from sea level at Caernarfon Castle to the summit of Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales.

It’s a mesmerising trail to the top, and seriously challenging as the gradient rises for mile after rocky mile. And there’s no rest when you reach the peak, because you’re only half way through this epic day. Your long descent to Llanberis is merely a prelude to a further series of energy-sapping challenges that begins with the Merrell ‘All Out’ Vertical Kilometre, a timed race up a gruelling incline against the striking background of a colossal slate quarry.

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Then you’ve barely time to catch your breath before you’ll abseil down a sheer cliff face and summon your final reserves of energy to run down the hillside to a series of deep water lakes where you’ll dive in from high platforms and clamber over a giant, inflatable island.

Finally, with the end tantalizingly in sight, you still have to wade and swim across a river and climb over tricky obstacles before you can hang round your neck the most coveted finisher’s medal in outdoors events, and bask in the glory of having completed the toughest outdoor event in Britain.

You’ll have run more than 20 miles, climbed a mountain, contended with rugged, rocky terrain, sprinted uphill and jumped into inky black water. It’s time for a beer.

In 2013 more than 400 runners braved this mountain challenge, covering more than 20 miles, and surviving a ruthless assault on their senses and stamina. Join their ranks in 2014 and take on the legendary Man vs Mountain.

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