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It’s official, Spring is here! It’s time to dust off your gear and get it trail ready. We don’t want anything holding you back from the many adventures you have planned this spring and summer so take a look for top tips on getting your gear trail ready.

Get it out before you go.

There’s nothing worse than showing up at your campsite or the trailhead with faulty gear or a moldy tent that you forgot to dry out last year after that crazy rainstorm. Before you set out for the weekend camping trip, lay your gear out in your living room to make sure it is still in good shape.


If you don’t use it, donate it.

Let’s be real here for a second, we’re all gear junkies at heart & end up acquiring way too much, yes, we’re talking to you. Do some spring cleaning & donate your gear to a newbie to the outdoors. There’s no greater feeling than helping others discover the trails & finding new adventures.


Sales Rep Ozy with friends gearing up for the hike!

Get Organized.

The plastic garbage bag of camping & hiking gear doesn’t cut it anymore & it’s time to update your storage! This can be just as important as the gear itself. Proper storage will help your gear last longer and make it easier for you and your pals to head out on a last minute adventure to the mountains. We all have our own ways of organizing, but start with getting some quick tips. Plastic tubs can be great to camping gear, everything from your food supplies to camping games can be stored in these, plus it’s like a reallife game of tetris trying to get all of your gear in it. If you’re looking to pack light try mesh sacks.  Find a dry place in your home to store these!



Freshen up.

Gear can get funky if you leave it packed away too long. Use Nikwax to clean up your spring clothing and footwear (your hiking partner can thank us later). Clean gear will work more efficiently & not soak up as much water. Nikwax also offers treatments to waterproof your gear. DWR (durable water repellent) keeps your gear dry, but can wear away after usage. Give it a boost with Nikwax waterproofers. Your gear will last longer if you treat it well! Same rule applies for girlfriend/boyfriends!


Photo Cred: @nikwaxna

What’s new?

It’s always fun to see what cool gear is out for the season, especially when you’ve got a piece that needs to be retired. Take a look at Merrell’s new gear for Spring. We don’t want anything holding you back from the summit.


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