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Men's & Women's Trail Running Shoes

Feel the earth beneath your feet. Condition and tone secondary muscles. Perfect your running form and amp up your training. Merrell men’s and women’s trail running shoes and waterproof running shoes help you get outside and get in shape. Choose your next pair of trail running shoes by how much connection to the trail you prefer. Max Connection are minimalist barefoot shoes offering the least amount of cushioning for the closest feeling of the ground under your feet. Moderate Connection provides slightly more cushioning when you want a balance between support and being able to feel the terrain. Light Connection has the most cushion of our trail running collection when you need more impact absorption on your runs. Push yourself to the limit with versatile trail shoes that can help improve your agility, your stride and your mile time. Whether you’re looking for trail running shoes with rugged protection against rocks and roots or road running shoes with a little extra padding, our various styles will help you channel your inner barefoot runner, get outside and reconnect with the ground.