Merrell and Backpacker have partnered to celebrate the trails by surprising
hikers and trail crews when they least expect it, through our version of trail magic -


Surprising hikers on the trail where they would least expect it.

We surprised hikers in Moab and Santa Rosa with some much-needed lemonade,
and hikers in Boulder with some delicious hot chocolate.

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We spread Merrell Magic to five people hiking the challenging Pacific Crest Trail.
After 151 days on the trail, we gave them a special night in a hotel in Yosemite Valley.

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Giving thru-hikers a relaxing night off the trail to celebrate their accomplishment and energy to continue their hike.

"Trail Magic is such a testament to the hiker community and the people who support the hiker community, it’s incredible that you are doing this for hikers because we are just doing what we love."

Dayna McRoberts
Trail Name: “Snakebite”

Trail Crews

Celebrating the commitment and work of trail crews by lending
an extra hand a few surprises at their campsite.

"Working on the trails can be frustrating and hard, but there’s a
lot of satisfaction knowing that you made a little difference."

Miriel McFarland

We surprised students cleaning the trails at Mount Rainer
National Park with a pizza party at their camp site to show
them how much we appreciate the work they are doing so
we can enjoy the outdoors.

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We've got more coming

Check out our blog to learn more about how we
are spreading trail magic on and off the trail.

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