Sun Protection
Even when there isn’t a cloud in the sky, protection against the
elements is a must. Shield your skin from harmful UV rays with our
proprietary UPF treated fabrics.
Sun Protection
Sun Protection

Men's Sun Protection Clothing

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UV-Protective Clothing for Men Perfect for Summer Sun-Days

Whether you’re spending your day hiking, running or relaxing at the lake with friends and family, Merrell’s sun-protective clothing for men will help you stay cool, dry and protected from harmful UV rays. If you’re outside as much as we are (and we know you are!), you have plenty of sun exposure throughout the year, and you know that even overcast days carry a risk of UV radiation. Designed with our own UPF technology and often paired with our M-Select Wick, quick-dry, moisture-wicking technology, our UV-protective clothing for men is available as casual wear or trail wear. Shop for men’s sun protection hats, shirts, pants, jackets and shorts today and get outside and enjoy the weather!