• Warm. Even When the World Isn't.

  • Fast, Light and Superior Traction

    Hiking Boots. Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Plant Your Feet Firmly On Winter

    Tremblant Polar. Rockford, MI. Merell Winter Boots.
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  • Woman jumping on ice. Woman jumping on ice.


    Discover A
    Whole New
    World of
    Grip and

    The Arctic Grip Collection

    Shop Arctic Grip Two people hiking in snow
  • Woman putting on boots. Sugarbush Belaya

    Our Heritage
    Crafted In

    Sugarbush Belaya

    Shop Casual Boots Two people hiking.
  • Outfitting hikers for more than 30 years Get Inspired

    Waves 1,000
    Miles From
    The Sea

    Surfer Dan, is having
    the time of his life
    catching waves in the
    harshest winter
    conditions on
    icy Lake Superior.

    The Upper Peninsula

    Learn More Two people hiking by an outcrop.