One Part Inspiration.
One Part Commemoration.

Introducing our newest See America Collection, featuring our
best-selling Nova 2 and Antora 2 trail runners.

A mom giving her child a piggy back ride outside.

Mini Me

Boots and shoes made specifically for your little hiker.
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Merrell Sandals on a sunny beach.

Ready For
Fresh Air

New sandals for your summer refresh if you're
hitting the road or enjoying a stay-cation.
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Some friends out for a hike in rugged terrain.

Take A Hike

Dear outside, we appreciate you
now more than ever.
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A Poster and Shoe from the See America Collection.


Our best-selling Nova 2 and Antora 2 trail runners
styled after the iconic See America poster series.
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The trail ahead

Join athletes and environmental advocates Faith E. Briggs and Addie Thompson as they dig into conversations at the intersection of race, environment, history and culture. They talk to thought-leaders, athletes, activists, artists, scientists, comedians — folks from all walks of life.

Together, they aim to galvanize a dialogue in the outdoors that is authentic, sustained and leads to tangible change. Representation matters, so Faith and Addie are inviting everyone to the table to have hard, messy conversations and work toward being better co-conspirators.