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We’re here to settle it. It’s time to put away the road shoes and check out what trail shoes really have to offer. It’s more than just looking legit on the trail. We want to make sure your trips aren’t cut short or end in a barefoot scamper towards the trailhead. There’s nothing worse than a failed shoe mid trail run. Here’s the top reasons trails shoes are a must for the, you know, trail.

  1. Traction

Lugs matter. Road shoe outsoles aren’t built for the rocks, sticks, & streams you’re going to encounter on your trial runs. You need some serious rubber with some serious lugs. Vibrams® is the name if you want a shoe that will keep you on your feet. Our All Out Terra Trail for men & women offers 6mm diamond patterned lugs. Trail tested & trail approved. Not to mention you’ll avoid the embarrassing silent chuckle when you fall on your caboose mid run.

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  1. Durability

Unless shelling out $100 every month on a new pair of shoes is your thing, getting a trail specific shoe for your rockier adventures will be totally worth it. Trail shoes are built to last using different components and technologies to keep them going longer. Our TPU rubber toe bumper will keep your outsole from separating – a disaster we’ve all had happen.

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  1. Stability

The trail has many more surprises (some fun, some not so fun) that are going to test your stability, endurance and all around badassness. It’s important you’re protected from the elements. Our trail runners offer a TrailProtect™ pad that will help redistribute impact from rocks or roots.

  1. Waterproof

The best thing about the trail is you never know what’s going to come your way. Whether it’s a rain storm of the century or a stream that needs crossing. Hiking the backwoods with soggy socks is the worst. If the region you’re exploring is known for rain, check out trail shoes with a full waterproof membrane for men & women.

  1. #TrailCred

And of course the most important – owning the trail and looking cool doing it. [jk] But really, take away the added stress of being uncomfortable & unsupported on the trail & transition to a trail shoe that won’t disappoint on even your craziest adventures.

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