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Getting away from it all is just one of the many features of an adventure that so many of us covet. However with the age we live in, it feels as though the world is turning faster than ever before. We cannot always afford to completely shut out the world we live in. So whether it’s to keep in contact with important work commitments, stay up to date on world politics, tell a loved one you’re safe or just post a damn good selfie with an exotic creature photobombing in the background, there are ways to make sure you’re perennially hooked in – even when you’re going off grid for a while.

Off-grid solutions when you want to be reachable – but not too reachable

Of course you may be looking for various levels of communication as well. Perhaps you want to be able to tell your loved ones you’re safe, but not be so available your boss expects you to respond to email. Find the right balance with these tips for your adventure.

Head for the hills

Need to send a text? You’re more likely to get cell phone service on the summit. During your break after mastering that peak – shoot a note to let your loved ones know you’re OK, or post a photo to social media.

Invest in a GPS tracker


If you find yourself heading where there really is nothing, you’re going to need to grab yourself a Yellow Brick or Spot Tracker to stay connected. Message from anywhere on earth or link up to your smart phone app to send that vital poke that just couldn’t wait till you get back. Both GPS trackers are particularly helpful if you’re out solo hiking and find yourself lost or in trouble. They can be used to send out an “I’m OK” or an “SOS” to alleviate worry or send help.

When getting off the grid gets to be too much

After a while the solitude can start to wear on you. Whether you’re just taking a break from the backcountry to grab supplies before you head back out, or you’ve planned a less remote trip, these tips will help when you want to get away but going off grid completely isn’t an option.

Find an internet café



For the urban adventurer, the European backpacker or the first-world traveler, the coffee shop is your mecca. Every town has one and you should be able to steal as much juice for you iPhone as you like. Plus, you’ll likely have access to internet or cell phone service to send a text, write a blog post or email, or drop a line to loved ones.

Bring a portable charger

If you happen to find yourself a little further afield than Starbucks feels meets their market requirements, you’re going to have to rely on solar and portable chargers to keep your devices running.

Smartphones can do pretty much everything now as long as you have access to WiFi or data network.

You can even find these off-grid solutions that burn wood to charge the device so you can boil your water while charging your camera. Smartphones can do pretty much everything now as long as you have access to WiFi or data network. So as long as Kim Kardashian stops trying to break the darn thing, you’ll find you have all the internet connectively you like.

With all this being said, and as long as you have the ways and means of doing so, I would thoroughly suggest sending someone a post card while you’re on your travels. I’d even go as far to say you shouldn’t be afraid to address one to yourself for when you arrive back home as a little memento. It keeps you a bit more off-grid and still lets everyone back home know you’re OK.

Before getting off the grid – tell someone where you’re going


Of course, before you decide to go off grid, make sure someone reliable knows where you will be going, what trails you’ll take, where you intend to camp and when you expect to return. Give the names of safety or ranger stations nearby, and establish a regular checkpoint system (that’s when the GPS trackers are handy) to let them know you’re OK.

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