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If you’re an urban runner, you’ll be familiar with the frustration of walkers blocking the sidewalk. They can ruin your times, disrupt your flow and – at worst – make your run dangerous. Well a new Kickstarter campaign may have the answer for you, but you might feel a bit silly using it.

Introducing Runbell – the bicycle bell for the hands. Weighing in at just one ounce and designed to fit both men and women’s finger sizes, the brass bell will alert other walkers to your presence, allowing them to step aside and let you pass without having to shout. It’s possible they may think you’re a bicycle, mind.

It may seem like an off-the-wall idea (and indeed the original idea did spring from a prank video, according to the creators), but the project has certainly gained a following. At the time of writing, with eight days left to go, 413 people have backed the project, pledging $15,002 of the $20,000 required to make Runbell a reality.

Interested and want to back the project? A Runbell can be yours for a backing of $25, and that includes worldwide shipping, and is available in Gold or Pink Gold. It’s also available in a couples’ pack for $50, so you can ring together (or greet each other with a friendly ‘ding’ should you be running in opposite directions, we guess!)

Would you wear a Runbell, or does this seem an unnecessary addition to your run? Let us know if you’re backing the project in the comments.

  1. Posted By Nicole G.

    I actually like the idea as my voice isn’t that loud

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