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As previously highlighted in our Pack Story, Merrell Alpha Eric Larsen is heading back to the North Pole, having previously vowed never to go back. He’s now 17 days into his journey, and he’s keeping fans updated of his journey with daily audio and text posts on his blog.

Just over two weeks into his trip, Larsen has a long way to go, if the last trek is anything to go by. He described it as “the hardest 72 days of my life” – and updates on the blog so far show similar challenges have been hitting him and his exploration partner Ryan Waters already, from equipment failures and falling through the ice to the more routine homesickness and mental exhaustion.

Although mostly isolated from other life, one of the most exciting early updates (day 5) saw Larsen and his Waters encountering a polar bear and her cub following them. After a few hundred yards of pursuit, the perilous situation was eventually diffused via a flare gun and some bear banger shells from the shotgun, which sent them running away at last – just 15 feet away from the pair.

The perilous nature of the journey means that progress is slow and frequently disrupted. You can get live updates on the pair’s progress through the maps on the site, but at the time of writing, there’s still a massive 441 miles to the North Pole – plenty of memorable updates to come.

We’ll continue to give updates on Eric’s journey as we get them. Good luck Eric – Merrell is rooting for you!

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