Mixing yoga with running gloanna

Do you find 5k races a bit too competitive and tiring? Do you aim for a bit more relaxation with your pacing, and prefer to avoid the pressure of beating your best time? Gloanna may be for you, and it’s on its way to New York.

The event, entering its second year in Battersea, South London, this weekend combines yoga with 5k fitness… and drink. In fact, against most nutritionists advice, the race kicks off with a shot of prosecco. Recovering quickly, you’ll be offered some coconut water. Then it’s off for to complete the 5k run (or walk or dance, according to the official website) before a wind-down with 45 minutes of yoga. If your yoga is weaker than your running, the yoga sessions are available in ‘beginners’ and ‘advanced’ versions, so participants shouldn’t feel out of their depth.

Gloanna is, according to the organizers, about fun and socializing as well as fitness, so the London events have had live music, and a sushi lunch while runners get to know each other over more coconut water.

There’s no official word of when the event will be coming to the US, but you can keep posted by signing up for news on the New York run on the website. Organizers also seem open to spreading the magic further around the world too. Prices in the UK range from £41 (~$70) all the way up to £175 ($299) depending on how early you register and how much prosecco you plan on drinking (the packages over £130 include a massage at a local spa and a chauffeured car to the event too!)

Would you combine running with Yoga if it were in your neighbourhood? Let us know in the comments.

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