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Are you planning on running your first Down and Dirty Obstacle Mud Race this year? Don’t know what to wear for the adventure? We caught up with MESP’s Alisha Bryant to set us on the right path…

What sort of clothes are right for a mud-race? Is it best to dress down if things will get dirty?

There’s never been a better time to pull older garments out of the drawer. Expect to walk away with a few extra tears and an extra coating of mud! How you protect your skin is completely up to you – we’ve seen both sides of spectrum. Some racers protect their skin with light clothing from head to toe (long sleeved shirts, full length running pants, and gloves) while others wear minimal clothing (ex: shirtless and jogging shorts). No matter whether your clothing preference is full coverage or the bare essentials, the Down & Dirty race organizers recommend wearing something comfortable that you don’t mind getting dirty. Whatever works for you! From the Merrell collection, I’d suggest anything from their light weight M-Select WICK Collection.

Any additional gear you’d need to bring that you wouldn’t take to a standard race?

The Down & Dirty Obstacle Race provides ‘rinse off stations’ and changing tents for all adult and adventure kid racers. Make sure to bring an extra pair of clothes and towel to use for your post race clean up – if you don’t need it, you’re not doing it right! You probably want some gloves for dealing with the ropes too.

Don’t forget your “relaxation kit”: lawn chairs, blankets, and shades. Take pleasure in one of the best post race expo’s amongst all obstacle races. Enjoy, post-race food, music, the on-stage pull-up contest, and watch everyone get Down & Dirty in our HUGE mud pit! Most of all, bring friends and family to join or support you: spectators get in free, and the encouragement always helps!

Which shoes are best for the muddy terrain of Down and Dirty?

For the muddy and possibly wet terrain, you want something breathable, comfortable and plenty of grip. The Merrell All Out Rush matches every part of this criteria & won’t slow you down.

Could you get away with regular running gear?

Light running gear is recommended, especially during the hot summer months. Whether you prefer to wear long sleeves, long pants, or short sleeves and short pants be sure to wear light, weightless gear. You just don’t want your clothing to be an extra obstacle – they’ll be enough of those on the day as it is!

If you could only bring one piece of gear, what should it be and why?

Just one item? Is that including clothes!? Merrell offers a full line up of trail running shoes that will get you to the finish line. The Merrell Buff (pictured above) as the most versatile item you can have & every racer receives one in their pre race kit! You could use it a headband to keep your hair out of the eyes, a cap, or as a scarf. You could even use it as a towel in a pinch to clean up after the race! Maybe it’s just better that you bring more than one item though…

The Down and Dirty Obstacle Race is coming to Detroit on August 24, New York on October 5, Atlanta on October 12 and Sacramento November 2. For more details see the official Down and Dirty Obstacle Race website.

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