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Some days an intense exercise session just doesn’t fit your schedule. Don’t feel guilty; your body doesn’t need to be in marathon training to qualify as healthy! With automobiles, desk jobs, and groceries delivered to our steps, we seem to move our bodies less and less with each new technology. The key is to find creative ways to get fit that you actually enjoy. When it comes to keeping yourself moving, anything goes!

“The key is to find creative ways to get fit that you actually enjoy. When it comes to keeping yourself moving, anything goes!”

For example, instead of a drinking game during a favorite movie or reality TV show, do 20 pushups or 15 jumping jacks anytime a character does or says something repeatedly (i.e.; anytime someone cries on The Bachelor). You can create a whole list of different exercises for different reoccurrences. For more tips to get fit, check out these six easy, habit-forming ways to get in shape by adding exercise into your daily routine:

1. Set Your Alarm 5 Minutes Earlier

Wake up early

You can roll over and look at Instagram, or you can start your day with a sun salutation. Your body will thank you for the later. Go slow and gentle, you’re just waking up, and take an extra breath or two in downward-facing dog to calm your mind.

2. While the Water Boils 


Waiting on coffee or tea? Get in 20 calf raises. Keep good posture, tighten your core, and control your body on the way back down. Water still not done? 15 wall pushups.

3. Walk, Walk, Walk

Walk everywhere

When you’re looking for ways to get in shape, the more steps you can get in, the better. Even if you’re taking a car to your destination, it’s still possible to get extra steps: give yourself a little more time to get to work and park a few blocks away. Then, when you’re running errands, leave your car in the lot’s farthest stall. If you have the option to eat at your desk, use your lunch break to stroll with coworkers or get in a run.

4. Take the Stairs, but Not Just Any Stairs

Take the stairs

An easy way to get fit is to always pick the stairs over the elevator or escalator. But you can get an extra boost in by taking your stairs as “Step Ups.” Press into the stair with your leading leg and use your leading glute to raise your body up, rather than pushing off with the back leg. Take this method all the way to the top!

5. Desk Job Extensions

Sitting at desk

While seated at your desk, get in a set of glute and quad squeezes. Sitting up with proper posture and a tight core, contract your right side glute for a count, then the left side. That’s 1 rep. Repeat 10 times. Straighten your legs, making your body into an L shape, and contract your right side quad for a count, then the left. Repeat 10 times. See if you can get in 3 sets a day. If you can create a standing desk at work, that’s even better. Even standing for an hour or two a day can help improve blood flow and fitness.

6. Be a Squatter

Waiting for a microwave? 10 squats. Standing around on Facebook? 10 squats. Or the best one of all, get in 10 squats every time you use the restroom. If you’re well hydrated, you just might end up with a set of 100. Before you start hitting the reps, make sure you have correct form. Tighten your core, keep your chest up as you sit back with your hips, like you’re reaching for a chair that isn’t there. Make sure your knees are above your ankles and not beyond them; you should be able to see your big toes between your knees. Push into the ground and use your glutes to rise back up to standing.

With these easy ways to get fit throughout the day, you’ll start noticing little changes in no time. The stairs will get easier, your legs will be more toned and you may even find you have more energy. It’s still a good idea to get outside and get in a run or a hike, but on the days when you’re just too busy, look to these tips to get fit for simple solutions. What are some of the everyday ways you get in shape (or stay in shape)? Share with us in the comments below!

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