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Happy Holidays to everyone. I truly believe that the best present is getting outside. The holiday season is even more special because you can get out there with your friends and family and hopefully get some people outside who don’t get to spend as much time as they’d like. But, winter can be cold (for lots of climates) so here are a few of my top gear selections from Merrell to make getting outside this season a little more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.


Men’s Thermo Rogue Tall GORE-TEX®

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I don’t normally find myself using boots much in the winter. I would rather run, and boots are a little bulky for that. However, the Thermo Rogue takes that notion and turns it upside down. It is just so light and comfortable. And the Arctic Grip sole helps you stay upright on slippery ice.

Men’s Agility Peak Flex 2 E-Mesh

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More and more, I find myself reaching for this shoe. I wore my favorite pair until there was zero tread left. The shoe is so comfortable and has a nice amount of cushion. Not too much or too little. If goldilocks was a trail runner, this would be her shoe. Its “Juuuuust right!”


Men’s Allpath Multi-Sport Pant

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These pants do exactly what they say. You can pretty much wear them for anything. They have pockets (a lot of softshell pants don’t), and drawstrings at the bottom to keep snow out. If it’s really cold, adding a pair of long underwear underneath takes them down into the sub-zero territory for comfort. Also plenty of stretch!

Men’s Micro Lite Puffer Jacket

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Everyone needs a good puffy jacket to get through the winter. This one doesn’t disappoint. Great fit, very warm, and well thought out. I’ve put a lot of miles into mine and it just keeps getting better.

Men’s Entrada II Long Sleeve Wicking Tech Tee

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I’ve got this shirt in both the long and short-sleeve versions. I really like how warm this shirt is, but it also vents really well when you start working hard. This makes it incredibly versatile.



Christmas is right around the corner, and gift-giving can sometimes be difficult. Personally, my favorite gifts are functional things for the outdoors that I end up using time and time again. I have a few favorite Merrell items that are go-to’s. I pack them on every trip, especially my favorite of 2018 which was a trip with my husband in our camper van!

Let’s start with a great stocking stuffer idea: a buff! My sister-in-law gave me mine in a stocking years ago (which initially I’ll admit I wasn’t that blown away by), but these things are handy!


Women’s All Out Crush 2 GORE-TEX®

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These are great for fast and light days.

Women’s Agility Synthesis Flex

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I use these for those longer days where more support is needed.

Women’s Moab FST 2 Waterproof

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My go-to hiking boots! I’d recommend anything with the Vibram soles; the rubber is really grippy.


Soto Leggings

My favorite running tight of all time, and I’ve gone through a lot of pairs of running tights! They’re extremely comfortable and don’t slide down.

Women’s Micro Lite Puffer Jacket

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This jacket is essential. It folds up so tiny into your pack that you don’t even know it’s there. But it’s saved me so many times when I’ve become a bit chilled during a run, or it suddenly starts raining. It’s also a great wind resistant layer when you’re nearing the summit of a mountain.

Women’s Paradox Tech Tee with Drirelease® Fabric

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These long and short-sleeved tops are great for staying warm, even once they’re wet from sweat or weather. The poly-merino wool fabric blend also keeps them from getting smelly!

Hope these suggestions are helpful. Happy holidays, outdoors enthusiasts!

– Ryan & Lindsay Atkins, Merrell Ambassadors

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