I have been asked to share my tips on 5 essential things I think every person should travel with. What I have learned I should never travel without:

  1. Working phone – I used it to take photos, access maps, order taxis, and Google top destinations I wanted to visit. I also kept in touch via WhatsApp with family and friends.
  2. Hand sanitizer and toilet paper – So very important when I needed to sanitize any injury, when I found myself dotted with mosquito bites, and when I needed to use the bathroom!
  3. Menstrual underwear (yes this is directed to women) – I wanted to make sure I did not leave behind a large environmental footprint and that I was travelling light.
  4. Medication, including painkillers and cold medicine
  5. Local currency cash, and a valid credit card – No matter what Google tells you, I have learned not everyone accepts US dollars!

Of all these, except for #3, you can find the others at local stores and at the airport.

My secondary list would include:

  1. Universal adapter with a high quality USB cable – I have come across so many types of plug outlets around the world!
  2. High-end portable charger – Smartphones run out of battery quickly. So annoying.
  3. Synthetic fibre clothes that can wash and dry fast. Super helpful!
  4. Excellent hiking backpack that won’t break your back
  5. Healthy snacks for midnight hunger pangs!

Of course, as you begin your own travels, you may refine this list or find new items that are absolutely essential to your individualized trips. So, the best piece of advice I can give is Be Flexible.

Happy Travels!

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