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How Trail Running Has Helped My mental Health

During Mental Health Awareness Month this year we wanted to talk about how time spent outdoors, and specifically trail running, … Read More

Bare Access XTR

Bare Access XTR: These Shoes Give Me The Benefits of Barefoot Running (Without the Bare Feet)

“After logging a few dozen miles in these things during multiple runs, I am happy to report that my fears … Read More

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Merrell Launches Most Sustainable Trail Runner to Date

 ROCKFORD, Mich. (July 23, 2019) – Merrell, the brand that exists to give you all you really need to discover … Read More

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A Trail Runner’s Dictionary

The world of trail running has its own language. This can be both helpful and confusing to newcomers, so we … Read More

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Trail Running Pointers, Tricks, and Tips

Experience is the driving force behind our day-to-day life lessons and teaches us what works and what doesn’t. That said, … Read More

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How to Shop for a Trail Running Shoe

A dependable pair of trail running shoes can provide you with a deeper, better connection to the trails. Not only … Read More

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Anatomy of a Trail Running Shoe

While you may want to take your road shoes on your trail runs, it’s important to know that trail shoes … Read More

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Trail Running: From Terrain to Races

  Trail terrain is always changing, offering you a new set of challenges at every turn and hill. And because … Read More

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Why Trail Running

Trail running provides solace, community, and a sense of personal strength. It encapsulates so many things, and yet it is … Read More


My first trail half marathon

Half-marathons are possibly the most addictive runs to do. If you haven’t trained for one, go find your pals and start cranking; you won’t regret it. Thirteen miles is long enough to get the endorphins flowing and leave you feeling accomplished, but short enough that you can train for it before the kids wake up.