Elyse Rylander

National Coming Out Day With Elyse Rylander

My journey began on a warm summer morning in early July in 1990. My folks loaded up their cedar strip … Read More


Teresa Baker Interview with Will Robinson (Akuna)

The first I heard of Akuna was over Instagram. A black man hiking trails for weeks at a time and planning to accomplish a goal that, on record, no other black man had accomplished, the Triple Crown.

Bare Access XTR

Bare Access XTR: These Shoes Give Me The Benefits of Barefoot Running (Without the Bare Feet)

“After logging a few dozen miles in these things during multiple runs, I am happy to report that my fears … Read More


Made of More: Ursa Minor

Lopez Island, roughly 30 square miles, lies centered in the vast San Juan Islands archipelago. It’s a spectacular region; a sublime balance of sea and land with denim-blue Pacific waters meeting towering evergreens and snow-capped peaks of the Cascade and Olympia mountain ranges.

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Ambassador Jenny Bruso’s First Backpacking Trip: Mistakes Are a Rite of Passage

I’m a late bloomer to the outdoors. I only started hiking and camping about six years ago. The longer and … Read More

The Pack

The Pack – introducing our new online adventure magazine

Exciting times today at Merrell as we can officially announce the launch of the new-look online adventure magazine: The Pack! Our Alpha Pack is comprised of world class experts from across the full spectrum of active adventure, and they’ll be on hand to offer advice in everything from nutrition to training schedules.

going primal 3

Going primal

Sometimes we need to monkey around to remember the fun in life and the fun in running. Remember when you were a kid? The freedom of opening the door and running outside barefoot to chase your friends around the yard with no care in the world? Thanks barefoot…you’ve brought out the kid in us again!