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Waking up in the dark, stepping out into the drizzling rain, the soft squelch of mud under your feet, you’d be forgiven for uttering the phrase “I can’t wait for Spring”, as you set off on your morning run.

Winter is undoubtably all about the ‘hard miles’. Yes we are tougher for it but there is no arguing that we all look forward to Spring. A few degrees warmer and a couple of base layers lighter, we can get back to what running is all about- enjoying the great outdoors while it glows with the sun’s light and blue skies.


It’s all about the weather!

The absence of pain is indeed pleasure. We have to endure a bitter winter to enjoy a bequeathing Spring. The ball of fire in the sky once again provides a warmth that fuels us. We find ourselves in the sweet spot, we all become Goldilocks in Pace Glove‘s; “not too hot, not too cold- just right”.




Nature starts to grow again

The ground hardens and our pace quickens. Firmer contact with the earth beneath our feet – a euphemism for the inexplicably deeper connection we feel to the wilderness we run in. The life that Spring affords to the wild flowers replicated in the energy that runs through our souls. Yes, we often find ourselves running on a blue sky day with a big broad grin on our faces for no other reason than the shear joy we get from being a part of the bigger picture.




Baby animals appear

We bound across greener fields and through brighter shrubs following natures trail carved out by the baby animals enjoying the same sense of movement. The woods and lands abundant with the fresh life of bunnies and fawns, no longer afraid to show their faces. Hibernation is over, animals and runners both drawn to the outdoors through their own subconscious instinct. Each excursion is applauded by a chorus of birds, your very own supporters club cheering your athleticism.




More hours to get out there and run

Spring is that moment when you lie in bed at night and tell yourself how hard you’re going to train or how far your going to run the next day. It may not always happen and every day may not always be perfect but Spring is a promise. The promise of lighter more enjoyable days to come. The early morning and late nights a reminder, that in actual fact it isn’t time to just turn off and there is an abundance of hours to train. There are so many more options for you with infinite hours of light. A long run before work, an even longer run after work – either is at your own discretion safe in the knowledge that you will be enjoying some of the most beautiful hours of the day.




Now it’s Spring, so get running!

As the flowers and trees grow around us so does our passion once demoralised by the dark winter. Such is the magic of the Spring. All those “should have’s” turn into “I’m glad I did’s”. Spring will do all the hard work, let yourself be swept up and as you head out the door for your morning run you will find yourself uttering quite a different phrase; “its too nice not to”.

Welcome back Spring, my old friend.

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