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What’s your favorite city for summer adventure? We’ve compiled some of our favorites and the adventures that come with them thanks to our friends at Roots Rated. Check them out before it starts snow starts falling again!

Mountain Biking In New York

Mountain biking in NYC sounds kind of ridiculous, and calls to mind trying to bunny-hop pigeons in the park versus shredding singletrack in a vast forest. But even if you’re trapped in the concrete jungle that is Manhattan, there are options… and if you have car access or a free weekend day to take a train ride, there are even more rad options.


Trail Runs in Chicago

The Chicago area running community is one of the strongest in the country. It’s not an exaggeration to say that just about any weekend of the year you’ve got a choice of different running races to put your fitness level to the test. But you’ll find that almost all of them have the same thing in common—they’re run on the road.

Trail runs are around, you just have to look a little harder, and drive a little further, to find them. That said, it’s certainly worth the effort to do so.


chicago trail runs

White Water Rafting In the Midwest

Looking for flatwater paddling around Chicago? No problem. We are, after all, located on one of the largest lakes in the world. Throw in the Chicago River, Des Plaines River, Fox River…well you get the pictures. You have plenty of places to drop in a canoe or kayak and explore.


Adventure & Brews in Portland

Oregon is home to more than 200 breweries, with nearly 85 in the Portland Metro area alone. And with the arrival of the year’s first 70-degree days, there’s no better time to blend good beer with an outdoor adventure.


State Parks to Discover in Denver

Mud season is upon us, which means that most ski lifts have screeched to a halt, harkening the deepening spring, yet alpine trails are covered in snow or thawing into muddy wet messes. Meanwhile, on the Front Range, eager blooms are pushing up through the soil, and sunny days lure us outside, making Denver and Boulder locals itch for summer. Now is the time to take a deep breath and wait patiently for the mountains to melt. There’s no need to despair, as the cure for spring fever is right in our backyard: low-elevation state parks that dry out in no time and are ripe for adventure at this time of year.


Alright, we know we missed some. Fill us in. What’s your top spot for Adventure?


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