3 reasons to go to a ski resort in summer
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It may seem counterintuitive to go to a ski resort in the summer with no snow and no chance of skiing – the two major ingredients that make a ski resort, a ski resort – but you can still go. In fact, we’d argue you can have a better time in summer than in winter. Here are some of our top reasons to spend your summer at a ski resort:

1. Leave the crowds behind and have the place to yourself.

Most ski resorts are open year round with summer activities catering to hikers, tourists, adventure seekers and even golfers. But one of the best things about going to a ski resort in the summer is that you have all the amenities without any of the crowds.

2. Enjoy a more affordable stay.

Not only will you avoid the crowds by visiting a ski resort in the summer, but you’ll also be able to stay at about half the price. Dan Sherman of Ski.com, commented: “In the summertime, travellers can experience the same luxurious lodging and dine at the same world-class restaurants for a fraction of the price. We have found that travellers can snag deals with savings of up to 85% off the most expensive travel times in winter.”

3. Take advantage of prime hiking trails and other adventures.

Ski resorts in summer serve up some of the best hiking trails around the world; hiking trails that you can only get to once all the snow has melted. And of course it’s not just about the hiking – often there are other activities like biking, kayaking, rafting, golfing, alpine slides, farmer’s markets and open-air festivals available. In recent years, top ski destinations have beefed up their warm-weather offerings to lure visitors, realizing their businesses don’t have to run for just six months of the year.

So, the next time you’re looking for a summer getaway, consider a ski resort. Whether you head out west to Utah or Colorado, take in the splendor of New England or go abroad to hike the elegant and ancient Alps, ski resorts in the summer are an affordable getaway that may leave you with the funds in your account to take a trip back in the winter for some snow-covered adventures. In the meantime, find hiking boots and trail running shoes for your summer ski resort adventures and discover new ways to out perform on your favorite slopes.

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