Nature's Gym

There are few things I love more than being outdoors. So why would I do my workouts anywhere else? Day or night, as long as I can find a trail…it’s game on.

If you want to get outside but aren’t sure how to get a good workout in nature, I can help. Here are some easy workouts you can do in the park, in your yard, or on a trail. Basically…anywhere there’s fresh air.

  1. Mountain Climbers

Start by getting in the classic push-up position. Draw your right knee into your chest. Now hop up and switch your legs, so you left knee is up by your chest and your right leg is extended behind you. Repeat until you feel like you can actually climb a mountain.


  1. Push-ups

We all love to hate them, I know. But they’re a full body workout that can’t be missed! To get the most out of your push up, make sure your form is correct. Legs straight, arms lined up with your shoulders and elbows in. Make sure your body makes a continuous straight line from head to toe. Don’t strain your neck to look up or down. Keep your eyes focused on the space just ahead of your hands. And keep your rear down.


  1. Box Jumps

Box jumps minus the box are way more fun. Find a boulder (or a park bench) and it’ll work great. Start with your feet hip-width apart. Jump onto the boulder with both feet, making sure to land in a squat. Straighten your knees and jump down backwards. Repeat.


  1. Stair Stepper

Step up onto the boulder right foot first, followed by your left. Step down the same way (right foot, then left). Repeat.


  1. Lunges

Everyone’s favorite, right? Do ‘em somewhere with a nice view, and maybe you won’t even notice the reps. Start with your feet about hip-width apart and your hands behind your ears (for balance). Step forward with your right leg and bend down until your left knee grazes the ground. Straighten your legs and step back. Repeat on the left side.


  1. Trail Running

Once your body is warmed up, go for a run! Get your heart rate up and your lungs full of fresh air. For me, nothing beats a good trail run. And running outside over uneven terrain and up and down hills will work your muscles in ways a treadmill couldn’t even dream of.


  1. Scrambling

For even more fun, find somewhere to scramble around some rocks. Seriously. You’ll get a workout without even thinking about it, because your brain will be engaged in the game.


  1. Cool Down

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of stretching after your workout. Your muscles need to recuperate after everything you’ve put them through so you don’t get muscle fatigue and keel over. Stretch it out, friends.


Getting your workout in can be as simple as walking out the front door. Don’t let the excuses stop you! The reward is well worth a little sweat.


  1. Posted By Rahn

    Get work out ideas. These are good for the whole body and help strengthen joints and give you variety that wont go stale.

    Thank you for the workout!

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