Trail Stories

Chances are you and I are a lot alike. We’re average people that love to get out and do things we love, all for the sake of having fun and feeling super human, if for only a few minutes. To me, that’s what My Nature is all about, getting out, feeling free, and enjoying life.

My Nature is when I’m out exploring and experiencing a scene I once saw in a textbook or on a postcard; a scene most have forgotten about or wouldn’t even think to see in their lifetime. It doesn’t take an upper level degree and you don’t need to be a professional athlete. All you need is a little motivation and a love for the outdoors.



Hot Springs National Park – Arkansas


Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge – Oklahoma


San Antonio, TX


Big Bend National Park – Texas


Big Bend National Park – Texas


Big Bend National Park – Texas

  1. Posted By Clif

    a great way to live the adventure!

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