Trail Stories
When I think of what my nature is, my mind drifts back to my earliest childhood memories, which invariably involved being outdoors. To me, these innocent memories represent our true nature – replete with imagery and emotion that is still as strong and vivid as when we first experienced it. What motivated us when we were free from responsibility? What were we curious about in a world where everything was new? For some of us, it was a visual curiosity, satisfied through exploring art and design. For others, it was auditory and gained through music. For me, I sought a full body sensory experience gained through running, playing, climbing, riding bikes, crashing bikes, and escaping from the back yard. As a child – all I wanted to do was go outside and explore.
Thirty plus years later, not much has changed and I’m still gripped by the magnetic pull of the outdoors. Consequently, I’ve designed my life to be able to spend ample amounts of time outside to both satisfy my desire to explore natural places, and to keep my ‘pilot light’ aflame with the same childlike wonderment and curiosity. The concept of looking inward to find our core values is the essence of #mynature – who we are, what excites us, and what we care about. Too often we stray from our core values, chasing distractions. To this end, frequent personal reflection is critical for growth, and for leading a rich and fulfilling life. Ask yourself the often cited question: “What you would do if you didn’t have a need for money?” Would you travel? Explore more? Exercise? Adventure? Read? Write? If you’re not already incorporating these passions into your life, maybe it’s time to make some adjustments.
My path has not always been clear, but during the most challenging times I’ve always listed to my gut and made decisions based on the quiet inner voice which only speaks our personal truth. #mynature is today what it always has been – getting outside to explore and experience this vast planet of ours. Listen to your quiet, inner voice – what is it telling you, and will you listen?
  1. Posted By Tammy Simmons

    I think you nailed it. I couldn’t have read a more inspiration in a blog. Good job

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