1. Posted By Ramón Belliard

    Confortable and Very Good boots for every work you have to do

  2. Posted By Larry Forbes

    I’ve worn Merrill shoes for years, while working in the landscape business! My favorite!!!

  3. Posted By Ben C

    Merrell work Boots Giveaway is a win! Great products.

  4. Posted By Keith Whitehouse

    I have a pair of Merrell for over 5 years and still love them. Great shoes.

  5. Posted By JAMES PARKER

    I could seriously use these!

  6. Posted By Stuart Newport

    I am in the building industry and am looking for a really good work boots. It would be great if I could get a pair. Cheers Stuart.

  7. Posted By Christopher Alessi

    Have owned quite a few pairs of Merrell’s love the comfort can’t wait to sread how they out did themselves with these work boots

  8. Posted By Brian Casson

    Awesome, thanx for the shot!

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