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What’s a team without some friendly competition? Merrell set out for some summer fun with their very own Triathlon at Baptist Lake in Sand Lake. Nothing stimulates good business & increased sales like trash talk & rivalry with your favorite co-workers. This was a great way to sneak out of the office early (shh) and have some fun getting to know our co-workers a little better.

The day started with a half mile long kayak to the other side of Baptiste Lake and back. Tensions were high, but Amber Bruek’s team took a strong lead for the first leg. Next came the 6.2 mile bike race. First in the gates for the bike leg was the one & only Steve Peterson with Charlie Hall & Tom Stolz close behind. The final leg was a 2.2 mile run. Just as the experts predicted, Aaron Brown finished first securing the 1st place medal for his team – Tom Stolz & Aundrea Amyuni.

We had 12 teams participate & will definitely turn this race into a yearly event! The finishers were greeted with a potluck and growlers form local breweries.

Thanks for all who made this day great! Especially Rachel Horos for coordinating!

Kayakers starting the first heat across the lake.DSC_0007

Steve Peterson coming in hot for the bike leg. #prettyinpink



Aaron Brown taking the Gold.


Taryn Worst with a close second place.DSC_0046

Adam Koepfer and Alan Lugo finish strong.DSC_0070

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