I’ve been favoring this road running shoe over the last 10 weeks. I had already used the Bare Access Ultra this year to complete Ironman Louisville in August, and now I am gearing up for another round at Ironman Florida. Merrell’s Bare Access Ultra has been my race shoe of choice. It has the comfort, protection, and wide toe box that I need for those long hard days filled with training and suffering.


Taking a road-running shoe off-roading

I have been putting this shoe to the test by taking it off road a little bit as well. During training runs on the pavement I sometimes get bored so I like to jump off of the road for a few miles. I don’t recommend it for difficult trails (I would recommend the Bare Access Trail for that) but it certainly does pretty good on some different surfaces. I have been running through some dirt trails, loose gravel, and some ditches and it holds up and still has enough protection to keep you from beating up your feet in the process.


The shoe has a zero drop, which I require. It’s very agile and responsive, allowing me to still feel the ground and react accordingly. They’re also vegan friendly, which is a bonus considering I’m a vegan! I think that if you’re looking to run longer distances and want to shed some of the more aggressive lug patterns typical of trail shoes, then the Bare Access Ultra will give you the smooth, responsive and more natural movement you are looking for in a road running shoe.


The Bare Access Ultra is available in a range of great colors, has reflectivity for increased visibility on the roads, and has a little extra breathable mesh to control odor. All in all, this shoe scores really well and will make a great tool for any runner’s toolbox if you are looking for a smooth road running shoe.


Merrell also offers a women’s Bare Access Ultra.

Cheers, Alpha Dustin

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