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From hiking to ultrarunning – the All Out range draws on Merrell’s wealth of experience to create minimal shoes that deliver on every level

Lightweight, flexible and combining ample ground feel with effective protection, the All Out range of hiking, road and trail running shoes is a study in minimalism. A flexible underfoot wrap mobilizes the arch and the design activates the body’s natural form by creating continuous ground contact for increased flexibility and efficiency.

Built to meet the needs of modern trail blazers, the range of lightweight performance hiking and backpacking shoes draw on Merrell’s wealth of experience to create shoes that deliver on every level.

Merrell All Out Fuse for Men in Blue

Merrell All Out Fuse for Men

The Merrell All Out series has both hiking and running options, including the All Out Fuse for men (above) and All Out Fuse for women – a cutting edge hybrid running shoe built to effortlessly transition from road to trail.

Merrell All Out Rush running shoe

Merrell All Out Rush women’s road running shoe

The All Out Rush for men and All Out Rush for women (above) is a training or race shoe designed to go the distance and aimed squarely at the performance-hungry trail or ultrarunner.

Merrell All Out Blaze Men's speed hiking shoe

Merrell All Out Blaze Men’s speed hiking shoe

When you’re looking for waterproof footwear, the All Out Blaze is available as a lightweight hiking or backpacking shoe with a mid-cut waterproof design, a low-cut waterproof model and a low-cut fast, light multi-sport shoe.

“Consumers are seeking natural motion options that offer more protection underfoot without inhibiting movement,” said Shaun Bohnsack, Outside Athletic product line developer at Merrell. “We believe the best way to optimize performance is to allow the feet and body to move naturally. In the design of All Out we are able to strike the perfect balance of natural movement and the necessary protection underfoot.”

Other key features include the UniFly Impact Protection of ultra-resilient, strategically placed foam pads that provide a soft landing by dispersing impact and allowing for stable takeoff, ample ground feel and protection to go further, faster and longer. A unique M-Select Grip outsole uses rubber that is built in a circular design that allows for each lug to move independently, providing multi-directional contact and increased surface area for a ride with animal-like agility. Whether backpacking, speed hiking or trail running, All Out supports the foot without inhibiting natural movement.

All Merrell products are extensively tested in the lab and on the trail with the Rebound Physical Therapy Lab led by Jay Dicharry, MPT, CSC. Through this lab work and working closely with athletes, Dicharry explores ways to reduce stress on the body while increasing power and effectiveness.

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