Let’s get Grand Rapids DAM-less! Merrell’s very own backyard got its name from one key element, rapids. Grand Rapids, MI was once home to one of the highest quality riverbeds and rapids in the country & Grand Rapids Whitewater (GRWW) is on a mission to bring this back. Thanks to roughly five years of scientific studies and research done by GRWW, this will once again become a reality. What does this mean? An additional 80 acres of river adventure area, a more diverse fish population, and most importantly, a healthier river for Grand Rapids.

Merrell has had the amazing opportunity to support GRWW with this cause in partnership with the Conservation Alliance.  GRWW has been leading this project since 2009 supporting their mission to partner with the city to create a safer, more exciting river experience. Removing the Grand Rapids’ dams has the potential of making Grand Rapids an epicenter for river adventures such as: rafting, canoeing, fishing, and rowing, and return the once great Grand River rapids, into the centerpiece of Grand Rapids. GRWW’s hope is that this vision and project will be completed in the next 3-6 years. We will be not-so patiently waiting! 😉

“Restoring the rapids to the Grand River will be an important catalyst for the continued revitalization of the region’s downtown.” – Mayor Heartwell

Interested in helping out & getting involved? Click here to volunteer opportunities.!/show

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Author: Melissa Vu

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