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Do you know about the fun scale? Well you should. The fun scale is a simple tool used by adventurers to evaluate an expeditions’ level of awesomeness. Here is how it works:

Type 1: fun while planning, fun while doing, fun in hindsight.

Type 2 : fun while planning, pain while doing, fun in hindsight.

Type 3: scary to plan, pure darkness while happening, awful idea in hindsight.

More often than not the difference between type 1 fun and type 3 fun boils-down to having your gear dialed-in, especially during the winter months. Winter is well on it’s way and it’s time for those of us who crave the cold to come out of hibernation and take stock. Tap into your inner winter-warrior with these seven, must-have items, and make sure you’re keeping your fun at Type 1.


When pushing yourself in cold temperatures it’s a non-stop battle to regulate your body temperature. The Merrell Fraxion will be the most comfortable, versatile layer in your quiver- keeping you warm when it’s supposed to and keeping you cool when the going gets hot.


  1. Black Diamond Super Rambla Glove

The Super Rambla by Black Diamond tackles the age-old dilemma of balancing comfort and function. These gloves keep your digits warm without limiting dexterity, a must-have for any winter adventure.


  1. Julbo Bivouaks

Protecting your eyes in the winter is crucial. Don’t believe me? Wait until the snow blindness settles-in after a long day in the hills. Ouch.


  1. Phantom™ 0 (Regular)

Sleeping bags are a real investment. Sure you can buy a cheap synthetic bag, but be ready to buy another one next year, and the next year. Lightweight yet incredibly warm, the Phantom by Mountain Hardware is a cocoon of awesomeness,



The Merrell Transcendic Puffer is your best friend when the temperatures drop. Lightweight, compressible, and hooded- you should never leave home without it.


  1. MSR Pocket Rocket

The more parts that a stove has the more likely it is to fail you when you need it most. The MSR Pocket Rocket is the lightest, most efficient stove on the market.


  1. Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2 Tent 2-Person

There’s truth to the saying that tents are best when they are your friends tents. But any serious outdoorsman knows how important it is to have a reliable place to call home when wandering into the winter wonderland. The Direkt tent from MH is a turn-key; it’s easy to set-up, lightweight, and strong enough to withstand the most brutal winter storms.


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